Dear all,

This tool/portal is fully funded by the Switcheo Commuity fund. Several categories are available at the moment: “Unstakes” - all the past and future token unstakes with values and dates; “Rewards” - detailed info on rewards with ability to see various grouped data and exact/precise values, download an excel sheet with all the rewards for your wallet and “External transfers” - where you can see all the deposits/withdrawals and much more (the tool is in constant development).

We believe it is a great helpful tool/portal which we are planning to develop further together in a very professional way.

If you have any suggestions on future development or see smth wrong in current release please let us know, here are the links to our:

Thank you for being part of the superb diverse Switcheo community!!!

P.s.: we couldn’t develop it without donations so we thank all the community members and validators who support the Community fund, thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️. If you wish to take part please donate to swth1vxdnh987wa7l88qlamk899s85fun7n2zr0ppuk.